Shopping Complex

Buy Heritage Shopping Complex / Shopping Mall in Delhi

Where Luxury makes History, A Boutique Shopping Complex and a Mall, Give something new to your shoppers, a fascinating historic 200 year of Chunnamal Haveli,

A Golden Opportunity to buy Heritage Chunnamal Haveli , and make into a Shopping Complex a Destination Boutique Mall for people to come and experience , shop , drink &  enjoy this beautiful destination.

With Mughal Heritage elements in every corner, a beautiful shopping destination with top brands eyeing for a place in this beautiful Haveli. Chunna Mal Haveli calls upon Builders , Promoters , Investors for once in a life time opportunity  are always  on a look out to attract customers to the Malls & Shopping Complexes but with so much competition in Delhi , Gurgaon & Noida ,  Old is Gold , Old Palaces, Forts & Haveli have the new destinations for weekend getaways & resorts & shopping complexes like   Awbawatta Complex , Santushti shopping Complex  & Haveli Dharmpura

People of Delhi love to Shop, Shopping in Delhi dates back to the era of Mughals no wonder Chandni Chowk is the commercial & historical hub of Delhi, which offers the hustle and bustle & the glitters of Chandni Chowk.  Delhi offers hundreds of Malls & Shopping Complex with the same Boring interiors & Shopping Concerts to Delhi Shoppers

Your opportunity to buy the the Jewel of Chandni Chowk, Chunnamal Haveli, A world re known must see places in Delhi which is visited by thousands of people very month. A Beautiful 2700 Sq. Yard property on the Main Chandhi Chowk Road , with a 220 Running Feet Front Facade made in solid carved Burma teakwood , 3 sides open , having 3 floors , a huge open roof open to the sky .

Yes, Chunnamal Haveli offers to become a Destination Shopping Complex & Mall   like no other seen in Delhi, where the past meets the modern, A Heritage Board outside the building says it all “Amidst the spiral of shops stands Chunna Mal’s Haveli about which Galib the world renowned Urdu poet “while the rest of Delhi plunged into darkness, Chunna Mal’s Haveli was so flooded with light that it made the night look like day “

This Huge Grand Property is difficult of imagine can exist , with its past glory is ½ acre big with its ornamental architecture , golden tapestries and golden inlay ways to welcome all the visitors to take them beyond their wildest imagination .

For Anyone interested in owning this prominent landmark of Delhi, the eponymous Chunnamal Haveli , which has seen the revolt of 1857 till the present days, so rich is history & culture , a place which reflects affluence and power and good taste.