OLD Heritage Chunnamal Haveli For SALE

Old Heritage Chunnamal Haveli For Sale

The congested streets of shahjahanabad, also known as Chandni Chowk, hold evidence of Delhi’s rich heritage haveli in India. The rooms in this Haveli are beautifully maintained since its inception by the successive owners lined with intricate art work, well preserved ancient Belgium mirrors and exquisite chandeliers seen made in the traditional style with candle sockets. In one corner, pictures of Celebrities who visited his Manson are seen hung on the walls which include the photograph of Hollywood celebrity, Kate Winslet.
The chunnamal havelis made several years ago. The haveli was built in 1848 by Lala Rai Chunnamal, the first Municipal Commissioner of Delhi.


The mansion, known as Lala Chunnamal ki haveli, is located in the Katra Nil section of Chandni Chowk. It is spread over one acre of land, with 128 rooms built on three floors. The mansion is surrounded by as many as 139 shops. An inscription on the wall of the mansion’s drawing room states that it was built in 1848. However, some parts of it were added in 1864.

Chunnamal Heritage Haveli Can Fulfill Your Dream

sunil mohan owner chunnamal haveli

Mr. Sunil Mohan

Lala Rai Chunnamal was Mr. Sunil Mohan’s great great grand father. Sunil Mohan is currently heading the Chunnamal family of Chandni Chowk , He is having the largest individual ownership shareholding  in  Chunnamal Haveli.